Decision Maker in Vending Steel Choice 6 Steps

One of the most important products used in the iron and steel industry is vending steels. It is a very low-cost alternative. We can say that it is a type of steel that is frequently used in machining.

Vending Steel Technical Information

Some values of the vending machine steel are important. While the carbon ratio of vending steels is between 0.07% and 0.60%, the sulfur ratio is between 0.15% and 0.40%. The phosphorus ratio is in the range of 0.07% and 0.10%. It can be purchased from

Decision Maker in Vending Steel Choice 6 Steps

1- Types of Automaton Steels

It is divided into 2 groups as those that are not heat treated and those that are heat treated.

  1. 1. Those who undergo heat treatment are divided into 2 groups within themselves.
  2. 2. These are known as those who have undergone breeding process and those who have undergone hardening process.

2- Sulfur and Phosphorus Effect in Automaton Steels

In terms of steel quality, sulfur and phosphorus are extremely important. High amounts of phosphorus and sulfur in vending steels increase machining ability. In addition, they contribute to making the material more efficient. For this reason, those who will prefer vending steel should pay attention to sulfur and phosphorus values.

These high values cause the vending machine steel to have a brighter and smoother surface. Not only does it have a clean surface, it also increases part strength.

3- Importance of Lead in Automatic Steels

One of the important substances in vending steels is lead. Lead can be used in an alloyed form in vending steel. In this way, the mechanical properties of steel are improved.

Increasing the lubrication feature and improving it are important factors. It can also be improved and semen. For these reasons, it is considered important and preferred.

The prices of vending machine steel are also one of the curious issues. You can call us for price information and visit our website (

4- Vending Steel Usage Areas

Thin cut steels, which are generally preferred and used in manufacturing and industrial areas, have many features. The reason for these characteristics is that they are preferred in various business areas.

The question of where to use vending steels can be answered as the construction sector, companies producing machinery and equipment, automotive, and industry branches producing precision mechanical parts.

It is widely used in precision machinery parts, construction industry, furniture industry, construction elements, all kinds of connection equipment, machinery equipment parts, white goods industry.

Apart from these, automatic steels are also used in measuring device parts and optical device parts. Vending steels are also used in the manufacture of cold forging, hot forging and punching parts. It is often preferred in lathes and CNC machines.

5- Leaded and Unleaded Automat Steels

Today, the areas of use of leaded vending steel are quite limited. The reason for this is that the necessary actions can be taken with the addition of lead. Lead-free vending steels are used in many areas.

In addition to its easy chip removal feature, heat treatment is another advantage of these steels. In addition, their welding capabilities are quite high. Therefore, it is suitable for hot forging.

6- Useful Information in Vending Steel Choice

Vending steels, due to the phosphorus and sulfur they contain, provide more metallic brittleness and pave the way for fragile chip formation. Due to these two component effects, vending steels exhibit lubricating properties. It also increases the durability and quality ratio of the parts.

  • It is very easy to process.
  • Due to the ease of machining, the durability of machining and inserts is increased and the service life is extended.
  • It has easy and fast metal removal. Therefore, it facilitates the processing of the surface and provides better and cleaner surface quality.
  • With small dimensions, it is very easy to work with vending steel, which helps to process easily machinable materials.
  • We continue to serve in the production of all vending steel products. You can request all kinds of support from our company.
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