Carbon Steels

Carbon steels are a metal alloy that is preferred in various areas today. These steels, formed by combining steel, iron, and carbon components, are harder than other metals. At the same time, carbon steel, which hardens more easily and quickly than other metals, can be expressed as cast iron in general.

Carbon steels are used in different industrial areas today and produced with different properties. For this reason, there are many preferred types of carbon steel today.

Each of these varieties is preferred in production settings for different reasons and characteristics. Carbon steel, which is malleable, is also known as manufacturing steel. This is because these steels are generally used in manufacturing areas.

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon steels are one of the most important materials known to almost everyone today, especially since they are used in manufacturing areas. There are many questions about carbon steel. One of them is what carbon steel is. Carbon steel has similar properties to all other types of steel, but it has some unique characteristics. So what is carbon steel?

Carbon steel is the name given to the manufacturing materials that contain varying amounts of carbon in carbon steel and form an alloy when combined with steel and iron. At this stage, a certain amount of carbon is used when producing various carbon alloy steels.

However, carbon steels are especially preferred when producing tools such as machinery, nuts, gear wheels and shovels. Carbon steel, which is more durable and robust than regular steel, is particularly useful in the manufacturing industry. These steels, which are especially useful for strengthening surfaces and parts, have a high level of durability and allow the parts to last longer.

Carbon Steel Usage Areas

The areas of use of carbon steel are quite wide and high. This is because carbon alloy steels are more durable. However, at this point, what and how much the alloy in the steel is also important. At this stage, carbon alloy steels are classified as low, medium and high. This classification is also important in terms of deciding which part or industry field to use carbon steel.

Although there is no great distinction in this sense, carbon steels are one of the materials suitable for use in almost every field. Classes divided into medium, high and low refer to the carbon component added to the steel.

For example, low-carbon steels are generally preferred in construction areas because they are softer. These steels used in construction structures are softer than others.

Another type of carbon steels is medium. These are generally preferred for machine manufacturing. Medium carbon steels, which are preferred in machine manufacturing, have a moderate hardness.

High-carbon steels, on the other hand, have harder, more durable and more cutting properties. High carbon steel is mostly used in tooling and industrial production areas. At this stage, it is possible to show similarities with tempered steel and other steels.

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Carbon Steel Prices

It is not possible to give clear information about carbon steel prices. The reason for this is that the prices of carbon steel vary according to many factors. These factors are as follows;

  • The type of carbon steel can cause prices to rise or fall.
  • The type of carbon steel can cause prices to rise or fall.
  • In addition, the weight of steel at this stage may cause prices to increase.
  • In addition, the weight of steel at this stage may cause prices to increase.

In line with the above factors, the prices of these steels vary. For this reason, it is better to contact the companies for clear price information.

Most Commonly Used Carbon Steel Grades

There are many different grades of carbon steel, and each has different characteristics. The most commonly used carbon steel grades are:

SAE 1006: This low-carbon steel grade is commonly used in applications such as steel wire production. It is highly machinable and inexpensive.

SAE 1010 This low-carbon steel grade is commonly used in the production of pipes and profiles. It has good formability and is suitable for welding.

SAE 1020: This low-carbon steel grade is commonly used in applications such as machine parts, shafts, and gears. It has high strength and good formability.

SAE 1045: This medium-carbon steel grade is commonly used in applications such as forged parts, machine parts, and gears. It has excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

SAE 1095: This high-carbon steel grade is commonly used in applications such as knives and springs. It has high hardness and sharpness. These different carbon steel grades are preferred due to their properties in different application areas. The selection of grades should be made according to the application requirements and user needs.

Carbon Steel Specification

Carbon steel is one of the iron and metals with many features. The main reason this alloy is widely used today is that carbon and iron are more readily available than other metals.

Carbon steel is also preferred, especially since it can be shaped more easily. For this reason, one of the most important features of these steels is that they can be easily shaped. Casting processes are also possible thanks to carbon steels, which can be heat treated.

Another feature of carbon steels is that they are more cost-effective than other alloys. Carbon steels are more frequently preferred in various manufacturing areas due to their affordable costs.


Quality Usage Areas and Features
Low-Carbon Steels It is applicable to the manufacturing of bolts, nuts, and reconditionable machine parts, as well as the automotive, white goods, construction, and construction industries. They can be hardened by surface hardening processes.
Medium-Carbon Steels It is used in the construction of tools such as machines, bolts, nuts, axles, ship shafts, propeller shafts, gear wheels, transmission shafts, milled shafts, load hooks, lever arms, rails, digging, and shovels. It is suitable for hardening by heat treatment.
High-Carbon Steels It is used to make tools such as shafts, bolts, nuts, spiral and leaf springs, scissors, cutters, simple tools, punches, bucket gear, grader knives, high-strength machine parts, files, cutters, and wood saws. It is suitable for hardening by heat treatment.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Carbon steel can be hardened harder and faster than other metals. Due to these properties, it is a popular material in the manufacturing industry.

Carbon steel is used in many industrial applications, including machinery, nuts, gear wheels, shovels, and the construction industry.

Carbon steel is more durable and robust than regular steel. In addition, it strengthens the surface and parts and allows the production of longer-lasting parts.

Carbon steel is divided into different classes as low, medium and high. These classes are determined depending on the amount of carbon added to the steel.

Low-carbon steels are often used in construction sites. These steels used in construction structures are softer than others.

Medium-carbon steels are typically preferred in industrial applications requiring moderate hardness, such as machine manufacturing.

High-carbon steels are used in industries that require high durability and hardness, such as cutting tools, springs, and bearings.