What is Cold Drawing and Cold Drawing Steel in 5 Articles?

1- What is Cold Drawing?

It is a machining process or cold deformation method applied to steels in the form of passing the parts of hot-rolled steels through a smaller mold, reducing their cross-section and extending the length of the material in order to obtain a more precise surface quality. In short, the answer to the question of what is cold drawing steel is as follows.

2- How is Cold Drawing Process Applied?

Through this process, it is ensured that hot-rolled steels are brought to more precise dimensions, are more durable and obtain an even superior surface quality than normal.

Without heat treatment, the desired degree of hardness can be achieved on the surface, but this time, since the structure of the material is intervened, problems may occur in the internal structure and surface of the material. In any case, the surface should be checked by applying crack control after cold drawing. Yield, tensile stress and hardness increase after cold drawing. Ductility decreases.

3- What is Cold Drawing Lama?

The new product resulting from the reprocessing of the hot drawn iron masses is called cold drawing llama. As a result of the cold drawing process, a flexible, smooth and durable iron is obtained. Due to these features, it is used in many fields of activity.

4- What are Cold Drawing Lama Products?

These products are produced in a safe and high quality manner depending on the latest technological developments. These products, which attract attention thanks to their durable structures, are used extensively in the field where durability is the most important production element, that is, in business areas. These are; skilled steels, structural steels and tempered steels.

What are Skilled Steels?

Qualified steels are of great importance for the economy and political structure of a country. Because skilled steels are used as raw materials in many sectors, especially in sectors such as defense industry, submarine, ship, automotive, railway and aircraft.

What are Structural Steels?

Structural steels have a non-alloy structure. It is one of the types of steel whose mechanical conditions depend on the amount of carbon. Structural steels, which are mostly used in the construction and manufacturing sector, can be divided into different categories such as weldable, normalized, improved corrosion resistance, fine-grained, cold and hot-drawn.

What are Tempered Steels?

Reclamation steels are a very important raw material for the steel industry. Thanks to the amount of carbon in it, they can harden and have a durable structure after the breeding process. In particular, tempered steels, which are widely used in machine manufacturing, are used as raw materials in the production processes of many sectors.

Where are Cold Drawing Lama Products Used?

The reason for the cold drawing llama products used in multiple areas is that they increase the resistance of the products they are produced and the resistance of the bond between them increases while combining the two profiles with each other. The areas where it is used are used in many other areas such as white goods production, agricultural machinery manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, road, bridge and dam construction.

5- What is Cold Drawing Shaft or Transmission Shaft?

They are carbon steels with round cross-section and different diameters, made of stainless steel, produced by cold drawing method.

The steels that are molded and shaped at room temperature are called transmission shafts or cold drawn shafts. Thanks to the cold drawing process, it aims to increase the yield and tensile strength of the material without the need for heat treatment.

Since the transmission shaft, or cold drawn shaft , contains low carbon, its welding capabilities are also high. Thanks to this feature, sectors such as machinery and automotive that require resources are also used.

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